Don't forget DRYER BALLS!

Hand-felted fleece from animals living at Montrose Farms, these dryer balls help reduce wrinkles and drying time --- naturally, without the harsh chemicals found in dryer sheets. Only $5/each. They last virtually forever.

We carry brightly colored blankets, hats, scarves, socks and more --- all made out of 100% alpaca. Known as a luxury fleece comparable to cashmere, alpaca is lightweight, incredibly soft and warm, and because it does not contain lanolin like sheep's wool, it's not scratchy. Like all natural fibers, it wicks away moisture. It's also flame retardant. 

One of our most popular items are our alpaca socks, available in an array of natural hues. These are truly the warmest socks I've ever worn --- and my first choice for wearing around the farm all winter.

Welcome to Montrose Farms!

Limited offerings of hand-embroidered vintage and new linens are now available. Also accepting custom orders.

Also, don't forget to pick up a copy of Isadora's Dance and get it signed by the author!

Isadora's Dance, by Lori Lovely

An uplifting children's story for all ages, chronicling the adventures of a blind baby alpaca as she learns to become just one of the herd.

Available at the farm and on Amazon.


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